What’s Good To Plant in Pots?

If you are new to gardening start off with things that grow easily. Small herbs like Basil and Oregano are always good because you’re growing some of your food spices naturally. Small vegetables like peas are also easy to pot and grow. Of course, you could just plant some flowers to decorate the area around your front lawn too. There’s a variety of small flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables that you can grow in pots of all sizes. It really depends on your tastes and desires but choose what you plant wisely. You don’t want to take care of something that you’re never going to appreciate or enjoy. Read the information on seed packages for advice concerning how when to plant and how large the plant will get.  Soil and water requirements are important also.  If you are planning on keeping your plants in pots and not transplanting them into the garden stick with things that do not get too large.


Well once you have selected what you want to plant you’ll need the appropriate size and amount of pots for what you want. Small plants obviously don’t need huge planting pots but a larger plant like a rose will need the biggest pot you can find within reason. You can probably find suitable potting soil in the yard if you have animals that provide manure for composting but otherwise just go the easy route and buy some at your local retailer. Put the seeds into the soil at the appropriate depth and soak the soil in a fair amount of water. Then all you’ll have left to do is provide the proper care through watering, pruning, and patience. Dead leaves and stems should always be removed to give the plant new room to grow. Water should be done once or twice a day depending on weather conditions and where you live.

Planting Cacti

Cacti and cactus can be very tricky because their needs are not the same as other plants. They do not require vast amounts of water or sunlight but still require some attention on the part of the grower. It’s also best not to plant this if you’re clumsy around them, have children or have animals that don’t know not to play with them. Yes, they are pretty but getting stuck by one of them is very painful even life threatening for small children or animals. It’s best to plant these with caution.

Patience and Attention Blooms Better

The fact is that some people just don’t have the patience or don’t pay enough attention when they attempt to grow something. Don’t be one of these people. Kids don’t become adults for eighteen years, so don’t expect a plant to grow terribly quick either. Now, most plants won’t take that long to grow but it’s always worth it in the end. After all, you grew that plant from the start and helped it grow into what it will become. Growing things isn’t for everyone but it certainly is something you can take some pride in accomplishing for the very same reason.