Trees That Cause Allergic Reactions

Willow Tree

Are trees making you crazy?

Whether you know this or not, there are a lot of trees that cause allergic reactions in people. The trees release pollen into the air and it can cause an allergic reaction in some sensitized individuals. Not everyone is allergic to a specific kind of tree, some are immune to the allergens that the trees release into the air.  Others, like me, have their allergies go wild and may not even know what is causing them to sneeze or have itchy teary eyes. There are so many trees that can make your body have adverse reactions.  I am going to take a look at just a few that really hit most people hard with allergy symptoms.

These trees release pollen naturally in order to be able to reproduce and bear fruit.  The pollen becomes airborne and is carried by the wind only to settle on EVERYTHING.  Sometimes it is visible on car windows, bit it lands on furniture and carpets as well.  That is why it is so important especially for allergy sufferers to regularly clean their carpets at least once a year.  Even though my carpet cleaner most manufacturers say you can space professional cleaning out 18 months, I get my carpets done every in the summer the trees have all stopped pollinating.

Elm Tree

This is a tree that is known for its beauty. There are many paintings and photographs that have been taken and made to share this beauty. That being said, they are also a top cause of allergy symptoms in many people. These symptoms can be anything like a burning throat, burning in the eyes, a runny nose, and a slew of other symptoms that can make people miserable. These trees may be beauties and be a great place to sit, but they can be harmful to those that are allergic to them.

Willow Tree

This is a stunning, romantic tree.  Actually, I think it is the most beautiful on the list I am making here, but it can be a real pain to those who are allergic. This may not be caused by just pollen in the tree either. It can also be caused by the slew of bugs and pests that call this tree home. Bats are one of the animals that call this tree home, and as you may know,  guano (bat droppings) is actually toxic to some; even the fumes can set someone’s allergies off. This tree can cause the same ailments that come from the Elm.   

Pine Trees

This is a common tree that you will hear a lot of complaints about. It looks pretty, all up until they decide to release pollen all over your yard, home, and vehicles. Their pollen is a huge cause of many nasal problems, including a sneezing fit you may have after dealing with this pollen. Some types of pollen trees can be as bad as a paper tree, which I will describe in at a later date. These trees and their characteristic yellow pollen can also cause breathing problems, especially in those with asthma and other similar conditions.