The Small Green Thumb

Not all of us are going to be good at growing large gardens full of plants and trees that make us look small. However, if you have a knack for growing small plants in pots then you can still grow a pretty impressive garden. There is a wide variety of small plants that you can grow pretty much anywhere… Assuming you doesn’t live in Alaska or Antarctica. Let’s just say you don’t for the time being though. The truth is that everyone can grow things but it takes some patience and a lot of attention to detail. It’s a bit like owning a pet like a dog or a cat; you’re not just going to feed it once or twice a week, are you? Plants and trees require attention too.  #3

Before You Start Planting

It is very important to pick a good place for your new potted plants to grow. Plenty of sun and occasional rain water is something that it should be able to get. Another thing is animals and other small pests should not have easy access to them. Rabbits are cute and all but they sure can eat up your garden quickly. There are safe pesticides that you can use for bugs and other dangers to your plants. Sometimes you’ll have trash that needs to be removed from an area for the plants to grow properly, so you can always call a company to solve that problem.

Before You Even Pot It

Obviously, you’re not just going to use sand from out in the yard. A palm tree might be able to grow in the sand but your average potted plant needs fine soil that is rich in moisture and everything else it needs to grow. Another thing is a good source of water. There are water services out there you can use that can help you get water to your plants if you are in an area that does not get adequate rainfall.  You should consider diverting runoff to get excessive water out of the planting area. Another important factor may be trees and other pesky plants that might suck the life right out of your potted plants, by keeping sunlight or important nutrients from it. A tree service can easily help you with that if needed.

Taking initial steps to prepare your planting area is important before starting plants in pots or purchasing from a greenhouse if you want to reap the benefits of your gardening efforts.  Keep this in mind and your small green thumb will get big green thumb results.