More on Practical Uses for Flowers

The world is, no doubt, more beautiful because of the flowers that bloom all around us.  More impressive is the everyday value of these God-given gifts that paint our countrysides.  Check out the amazing holistic uses for these blooms.


FeverfewThis flower has a slew of names and is closely related to a chrysanthemum. Some of its names include Wild Chamomile, Featherfew, Mid­summer Daisy, Featherfoil, and Febrifuge plant. It is a very delicate flower that looks a lot like a daisy. These flowers are often found to grow in places with very little; however, they can be grown inside or in a garden. It often gets mistaken for a weed due to its appearance. They have also been known to become an intrusive flower.

This is a flower that has many medicinal uses, the most common being a treatment for migraines.  It has been used for this purpose for many, many years. Feverfew has also been used to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation.  It provides relief from asthma symptoms and helps hay fever by relieving allergy symptoms.  The flower has been used to regulate and promote healthy menstrual cycles flows.  Feverfew is used for helping to remove the placenta after birth  It removes worms in your intestines, eases nerve pain, and even works as an insect repellent. The leaves of this flower can be eaten by themselves, but this has been said to taste bitter or can be brewed into a tea. Make sure to take care of these flowers and they may take care of you! 

Purple Coneflower

Purple ConeflowerThis is a flower that commonly gets mistaken as a wildflower. This flower is often found in many arrangements made by florists, despite this mistake. It has many decorative purposes including drying the flower and using the brown center to create an accent piece. This flower is a favorite of mine, as it is used to make a herb that I use almost daily, and you may too.

The purple coneflower is used to make Echinacea, which helps your immune system to boost it and help you from getting sick. This is also a great way to treat a cold or respiratory infection. This is only a few flowers that can be used for many different ailments and other purposes. These flowers can all be found at your local florist and as you have seen, they are more flowers today!