Flowers and Their Purposes

Nature is truly one of the best examples of beauty we have in life. The sky, rainbows, the oceans, the trees, and flowers are all examples of the beauty we see daily. We all love flowers. They are a definition of beauty and grace to everyone, but do you know what else they can do? Flowers are not just made as bouquets or something to plant in a garden. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, flowers have their practical function as well which is a purpose greater than just being pleasing to the eye! Flowers can be used for medicinal needs and even are used in some of the products that you may use every day!  In the posts to come, I will share with you a few examples flowers can are more than just beautiful.

Bachelor’s Button or Cornflower 

Bachelor Button, ConeflowerBachelor’s Button is one of my favorite flowers, and  I grow them in my yard presently. This is a centuries-old flower that grows in the wild as well as cultivated gardens. This flower has a history that gave it the name, Bachelor’s Button. There was a time when it was worn by males and females to let others know that they were single and available to date. Due to the fact that they don’t grow much larger than a bud in size, they are similar in look to a button, hence the name, Bachelor’s Button. These flowers last long naturally, so it makes them a perfect choice to place in floral arrangements. These flowers are not only found in their beautiful blue, but also in shades of red, white, and pink. The Bachelor’s Button has many practical uses one of which is being used to make a natural blue dye. They are also an excellent to help treat ailments such as stomach problems and muscle aches. Next time you see this flower remember it is much more than just a beautiful sight!


MarigoldsThis flower is really a sight; it has such bright reds, oranges, and yellows. Their brilliant color creates a sight that catches your eye. They are often found in arrangements as florists’ love how their color pops and making arrangements more colorful. These flowers have been given the nickname of the “poor man’s saffron.” This is not because of flavor, but because they have a color that is left on dishes. They have also been known as flowers of the Aztecs, which is why they are a large part of the Day of the Dead parade held in Mexico.

These flowers are sturdy and can grow just about anywhere. These flowers have many uses as well, such as a natural food coloring, and they are edible. They are often made into tea, or placed in salads as well as a few other dishes. They help act as anti-inflammatory agents as well if made properly. This is yet another flower that has many uses and is not just a sight to see.

We look forward to sharing more flower information with you soon so check back again.