About our Site

Hi, I am Flora.  Yeah considering what this site is about, my name sounds kind of corny.  But what can I say? My mother liked the name so it is mine forever.  But maybe my mom had the foresight to know the things in life that I would hold dear.  Of course, I would never give her the satisfaction of telling her that her name choice was spot on.

Enough about Flora and more about Discover Protea.

One of my most favorite places in the entire world is a botanical garden.  Whenever I travel to a new city or country you can bet I am checking to see if there is a botanical garden nearby.  No matter if it is Niagara Falls, Toronto Canada, Montreal, Brooklyn, New York or the Bronx, just to name a few there are so many beautiful gardens in the world that have been put together just for the enjoyment of man. Perhaps you have had the chance to visit a botanical garden that you can call your favorite.

Botanical gardens are awesome

Botanical gardens are awesome enough, but there is no reason to have to go someplace special to observe the wonders of nature.  Wake up and go outside.  Open your eyes, look around you, there is bound to be something absolutely awesome to see.  I could be the tiniest thing like hummingbird gathering nectar from a hosta plant in your back yard.  Just open your senses and you will realize how lucky we are to have our senses to suck in all the awesomeness that is Nature!

Let’s do this.  Let’s see, smell, and breathe in everything nature has to offer us.  I know that is my plan and I will share it all with you here.  I hope what I put to the pen will be an inspiration to everyone to go out and do the same thing.  With so much awful stuff going on in the world, I think it is so important that we enjoy the good even more.